Our Beers - Lisa

At 5.0% abv Lisa is a German style Kolsch with an added twist - fresh fennel and orange zest added late in the boil to introduce subtle liquorice like flavours and a citrus aroma. She was brewed together with and dedicated to our friends Stu and Sam from Yeastie Boys in New Zealand.

Now you are no doubt wondering why anyone would name a beer Lisa? Well, Lisa is Bruce's (our British bulldog) little sister. Since Bruce has a beer named after him (our mid strength British bitter) we thought it only fair to do the same for her. Lisa is also the third beer we have brewed together with New Zealand's Yeastie Boys, the first was Bruce and the second Wendy (Stu's dog, a Kiwi sheep dog). It's now up to Stu to find another dog in order to ensure the tradition can continue.


Style: German Style Kolsh

ABV: 5.0%